Some of our members.

When I first invited people I knew to join Fulcrum, I thought of those who were “so much more than just what they do”.  Beyond the big title or high profile, they cared deeply about the challenges facing society and were taking action to generate greater compassion, equity, fairness and sustainability for the benefit of all. Below you can read about just a few of them. And these are only some of the wonderful people who make up the Fulcrum Community.  At our events, we also look to the future and invite young people to join us and together generate inter-generational dialogue around today’s key challenges – Mitzi Wyman. For membership see below.

mitzi wyman

Mitzi Wyman

Mitzi is the founder of Fulcrum Leaders and its sister organisation A lawyer, with a background in organisational psychiatry and psychology, she has spent much of her career in leadership development both in the private and public sectors. Fulcrum is  one of her great passions and she is honoured to spend time with its members who are committed to making a difference in the world.

Mitzi is a Consultant with the Centre for Public Scrutiny, an Ambassador with the influential International Integrated Reporting Council and an Associate with the Univesity of Westminster. She is also on the Faculty of the NHS’s London Leadership Academy. 


Jim Clifford, OBE

Jim is Fulcrum’s supporting co-founder and heads the Advisory and Impact teams at law firm Bates Wells and Braithwaite. An inspiring speaker and thought leader,  Jim is also, with, his wife Sue the therapeutic adopters of nine children and in 2013 Jim was awarded an OBE for having designed and developed the first charity-led social impact bond IAAM.

mervyn king

Prof. Judge Mervyn King

Known as “Nelson Mandela’s favourite Judge”, Mervyn was instrumental in leading change post-apartheid  in South Africa  His work as Author of the King Reports on governance has set an international standard and he is Chair of the International Integrated Reporting Council. Mervyn chairs the UN Committee on Governance and Oversight and is a member of the Private Sector Advisory Group to the World Bank on Corporate Governance. From 1981 to 1989 he was the first chairman of Operation Hunger, a South African charity which fed millions of children in rural areas during the apartheid period, he is now honorary life president of that organisation.


Lois Guthrie

As well as being fanatical about ballet, Bob Dylan and all things from the ‘60s, Lois is a world leader on measuring the impact of climate change. She is, amongst other things, Founder Director of the Carbon Disclosure Standards Board and Executive Board member of the National Physical Laboratory’s Centre for Carbon Measurement. Lois has also been a member of the International Integrated Reporting Council’s Technical Team. She studied theology at the University of Birmingham and environmental policy at the Open University and holds an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice. In August 2016 Lois was nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Accountancy Bulletin.

Shafiur Rahman

Shafiur Rahman

Shafiur is a documentary film maker concentrating on documentaries dealing with critical social issues, in particular human rights, migration and poverty. In 2016 he spoke for Fulcrum on the refugee crisis where he reflected on the provocative debates that exist about immigration and the myths surrounding it. He talked about social invisibility and how the state and the supra-state engages in deportations and incarceration seemingly in contravention of international agreements, asking what kind of bleakness lies ahead, and what kind of solutions are being hatched. For more information about Shafiur’s films, clic here: SRDOCS


Sandy Luk

An environmental lawyer by training, Sandy thrives on the challenge of using science and law as tools to bring about change and protect the marine environment. Prior to her current role as CEO at the Marine Conservation Society she had a senior role at Client Earth challenging the UK government to meet its environmental responsibilities. She makes complex issues accessible and relevant to wider audiences and helps connect people and the ocean. 

olivia fuchs

Olivia Fuchs

Olivia is an internationally renowned Opera Director and student of Peace Studies. Her joining Fulcrum strengthens our membership from the Arts community. Born in England, she was educated in Greece, the US and Germany and was co-founder of a fringe theatre company before moving into opera.  Her productions have included A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the Royal Opera House‚ The Marriage of Figaro at ENO, Rusalka for Opera Australia  (for which she was awarded Best Director and Best Production in both the Helpmann and the Green Room Awards). Current and future plans include Hansel und Gretel at Garsington‚ Der Rosenkavalier in Magdeburg and Madama Butterfly in Oviedo.

joss tantram

Joss Tantram

Joss Tantram is a founding partner at Terrafiniti LLP, a pioneering sustainability and systems consultancy. Joss is a lifelong sustainability practitioner and environmentalist, has worked in the private sector and was also with WWF-UK for 5 years. He is passionate about hopeful, sustainable change, and in the capacity of humanity to become true stewards of this precious planet. Joss is the author of the Towards 9 Billion book series – presenting big, playful, hopeful ideas for a sustainable, equitable future. Available at the Amazon Kindle storeJoss is also an amateur singer songwriter with upcoming plans to make his music available to an unsuspecting world. When not fomenting global change through sustainability or music Joss enjoys walking, canoeing, cycling and family life.

Fulcrum membership

Inter-generation dialogue at a Fulcrum colloquium

We welcome members from a range of backgrounds and, as well as senior leaders, we offer at each event places for emerging leaders and young people. In doing so we are establishing intergenerational equity as a Fulcrum principle; recognising that we need to engage with and learn from young people who make up tomorrow’s leaders.

Membership is by application and attendance at meetings is by invitation.

Above you can read about some of the special people who are part of our community.  If you would like to have a conversation about joining, please contact us.