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The Promise of the Thinking Environment

(Photo – Mitzi Wyman with Nancy Kline). “The only thing constant is change” said Heraclitus in 6th century Greece, and this is borne out as we live in a world of increasing uncertainty.  Uncertainty creates anxiety and a challenge to identity as individuals wonder where their place in the new world will be and

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Whose values are guiding you?

So often we are told to look to role models who provide us with truths and values that should guide us – Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Rosa Parks. Yet very few of us can live up to such exacting standards. And by looking outside of ourselves we are living our lives from the

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What’s your role as a leader?

Is it to gain market share, boost share price or simply get through the week? Are you focused on process and transactions or do you see the people who make up your business? Your staff spend anything between 30-60 hours per week with you; they think about work at home in the evenings,

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What is your calling?

At our most recent gathering the theme was vocation inspired by the Buechner quote: “Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s great need”. It was a lovely early Summer evening, the sun shining through the wide windows of a room in the heart of London’s West End.   We turned

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James Comey and ‘the Washington listen’

Why leaders need to listen and not just wait for their turn to speak. It’s what James Comey, in his book ‘A Higher Loyalty” calls ‘the Washington listen”. But you don’t need to go to Washington to experience it. You see it in board rooms every day: meetings where leaders get together to

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Mitzi Wyman in conversation with Fulcrum Leaders.

In this series of video interviews, Mitzi Wyman, Founder of Fulcrum Leaders, meets with senior leaders from across health, social care, education, the arts and business. She speaks with them about their early influences, their careers, life lessons and aspirations for the future.

In this Fulcrum Leaders interview with Mitzi Wyman, Professor Judge Mervyn King, Chair of the IIRC Council (www.theiirc.org)reflects on his early life and career under apartheid, his work with President Mandela, and the need for ethics and good governance in business. For the full transcript, click here.