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Poetry for Peace

In response to the tragic events in Paris of November 2015, we held an informal Fulcrum gathering at St Ethelburga’s in the City. It was an opportunity to refocus our efforts on creating a better future and we sought inspiration from the sages and poets whose words inspire us and remind us there is

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Mitzi Wyman in conversation with Fulcrum Leaders.

In this series of video interviews, Mitzi Wyman, Founder of Fulcrum Leaders, meets with senior leaders from across health, social care, education, the arts and business. She speaks with them about their early influences, their careers, life lessons and aspirations for the future.

In this Fulcrum Leaders interview with Mitzi Wyman, Professor Judge Mervyn King, Chair of the IIRC Council (www.theiirc.org)reflects on his early life and career under apartheid, his work with President Mandela, and the need for ethics and good governance in business. For the full transcript, click here.