Poetry for Peace

In response to the tragic events in Paris of November 2015, we held an informal Fulcrum gathering at St Ethelburga’s in the City. It was an opportunity to refocus our efforts on creating a better future and we sought inspiration from the sages and poets whose words inspire us and remind us there is an alternative to a “hard power” approach that relies on military might.  That evening, in the wonderful Bedouin tent which sits at the centre of St Ethelburga’s in the City of London,  we reflected on the words of Iran’s female poet  laureate Rira Abbasi “Poetry of peace, with its progressive culture and quiet style of objection, slowly and intelligently moves forward. Poetry of peace does not create heroes and epics about brave and fearless people; it discourages all-consuming beliefs, the polarisation of differences and the obedience of people. Poetry for peace instils courage, clarity, common sense, imagination and, finally, the strength to awaken justice.